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Out Of The Norm…

Not every Portrait Session is about Beauty, Glamour, Woman, Seniors or Children

Once in awhile I do a photo session that isn’t exactly what I’d say I specialize in, like children, teens & woman portraiture.
Once in awhile I get a male client that just wants a simple headshot or portrait.  You won’t find these photos in any of my portfolios or social media accounts, it’s not something I prefer to market for as it’s not what I specialize in.
To be honest, I rarely photograph men. It’s not that I don’t like to or can’t, it’s just that I never really built a portfolio for it, I don’t get clients for this genre often at all and never marketed for it. Personally I enjoy doing stylized sessions, usually inspired by beauty, glamour and fashion. Or even better, a complete conceptualized fantasy inspired photoshoot. After all, that is what I do happen to specialize in, because I love it! I love making my clients feel great about themselves. I love pampering them and making them feel like a model for the day, and giving them a beautiful portrait of themselves to remember forever.
But I also do enjoy getting out of my normal routine and shooting something, or should I say someone, different than what I normally photograph. This was no exception. This amazing client called & booked me, wanting just a few simple proffesional portraits. He was so fun to work with and so eager too, I was actually surprised I could have that much fun photographing a guy. Who knew! I’ve been so used to thinking only woman and young teens want to feel & look beautiful, and have their portraits done, I honestly never realized men feel the same way! This lovely man opened my eyes to that! It was such a pleasure to photograph him, in his own surroundings, in his own home.
He wanted to showcase and commemorate this moment of his life with a portrait session to remember it all, and I was happy to obliged.
Here’s to shooting out of the norm. To trying something different, and to opening my eyes that men want to look and feel great in portraits too! it’s not just a girl thing!
Cheers to this handsome fella!


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